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Energy clearing and Psychic protection. 

It is important that you cleanse your aura - the energy field around your physical body- without cleansing first you will  'trap' any rubbish energy within your aura and physical body. So visualise a shower of white light coming down over you and washing off anyone else's negative energy. An example of this is after an argument with someone. Or use sage (sold on line as smudging sage) burn a small piece and waft it around you. Then when you have done that visualise a coloured (not black or white) ball of light all around you. This will protect your vibrational energy for a few hours. You can also visualise a symbol that indicates strength and protection to you. Put it to the front, back, sides, above and below you. (Please note, this is a very basic form of energy protection and is usually  done when you are aware of spiritual energy). Always follow directions if you are using sage and do not leave burning unattended. 

I run a day workshop for those who do spiritual work and healing or interested in esoteric subjects. You can also ring Tibetan bells as shown in the picture, this will clear energies from rooms and people. 

Energy protection

Crystal Basics

When you have chosen crystals, you need to clear any energy off them, before you work with them. Simple ways to cleanse are through your intention, so by holding the crystal visualise white light pouring onto it. You can ask then that the crystal only be used for the good of all and harm of none. 

Crystals will attract all the unseen energies from people and places. For example if you have chosen a rose quartz to help you with love, if you are feeling very sad and confused, the crystal will take some of that energy from you. So by clearing it (using your intention as above) or washing it, you will clean its vibration. Please DO check whether your crystal can be washed as some, like selenite, will dissolve in water. You can also sage your crystals to cleanse them. This is available on line, you light a small piece (or bundle if you have it) and waft it over your crystals. Open a window after to let out any residual energies. 

Energy clearing

Email me at to be advised when the zoom session will run. 

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