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'...and consume in a way that preserves peace, joy and well-being in my body and consciousness... Thich Nhat Hanh 

Live, laugh and enjoy life. xx

My philosophy: PEACE is the same in any language.


Kindness begins with yourself. Welcome to your healing journey and I look

forward to supporting you through it. 

Peace wall

Are you in need of healing, challenged with your spiritual path? Lost direction, your mojo, need an energy boost? I have taught spiritual workshops for over 17 years and run circle for a similar time. I have been a qualified healer for over 23 years. I was born psychic and clairvoyant into a family that didn't fully understand me. Communication all through my life was difficult, that is why I now work with others to help them improve all areas of their life. Since childhood I have studied, read and qualified in spiritual disciplines and other therapies.

Because of the nature of how I work, some of the details you read may seem vague or you are unsure therefore please contact me to discuss. I work intuitively most of the time and everyone is unique. 

Are you facing life challenges? Are you often anxious, stressed or fearful? Maybe you just feel tired and overwhelmed with life. If so, start with a FREE 15 minute session with me to go through how I may help you, to listen to your needs.

I have a high success rate of helping clients heal trauma, anxiety and other challenges, some of these are related to the impact of Covid. 

Creator of Paradigm Healing® and Author of Two Yellow Butterflies 

Member of Mindfulness Now and UK Reiki Federation. Fully Insured and committed to professional practice. 

Take a look at what I offer, courses, readingsworkshops one to one consultations and hopefully this will be your 'eureka' moment and that this is the place for you to find a therapy that suits you, in a safe environment. I have years of helping others find their pathway, de-stress, release the overwhelm burden and get back on track. 

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