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Two Yellow Butterflies

I wrote this book to help you on your spiritual pathway. With spiritual disciplines there is no right or wrong way, only the way you personally feel and have a chance to develop. Differing views of spirituality are everywhere, which are invaluable, it cannot be one size fits all, but in essence it is about how we live our life and what we do with it. Therefore this easy to read book will help you understand my views on why we are here and teach you about energy. 

I had began writing this book at a time in my life when I had been teaching spiritual subjects for many years and running workshops and giving healing and readings.

This book will answer questions you may have about spiritual things like 'how to connect to your guides, what are they and what do they do?' 

Through the course of writing I completed my Master Usui Holy Fire Reiki and a course in Colour Therapy, so I am still learning and gaining more spiritual knowledge, it is a life long journey. I also channelled through my Guides, the last part of a new healing modality, given to me over several years and completed in 2019. Paradigm Healing© is a wonderful new healing energy using symbols and I am starting to teach it for others to use. The world will always need energy healers and I felt honoured to be taught it by spirit, as they are pushing for it to be used. There are exercises included in the book for you to increase your own spiritual practice safely.  

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Two Yellow Butterflies
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