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New bottles with crystal, containing Bespoke Essences, channelled with Omega the latest crystal skull
Chakra and Guide paintings and drawings 


Beauty Products

Energy Essence Sprays

I have made energy essences for years, using crystals, crystal skulls and channelling archangels, using different stages of the moon and for many different uses. 

my essences are:


safe journey

space clearing


I also make bespoke essences, so please contact me for your needs. 

These are an energy field spray, to spray around your aura. 

£10.50 plus p&p if applicable. 

Heart Chakra Painting

The heart centre, the complete part of us that is full of unconditional love and compassion. It is also often full of hurt and unnecessary guilt. Through this painting it allows us to explore together what life has thrown at, or given you. With the painting is included removal of blocks that come forward for clearing, to enable you to move forward.

 I am pleased to announce that I now offer to paint your heart centre chakra in oils. They include a reading of your heart centre and guidance on your pathway.  £150 + p&p if applicable). . Please allow 3/4 days painting and further drying time. 

Bespoke chakra paintings

Delightful, latest heart chakra painting. I have permission to share on my site. 

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