Terms and Conditions and Consumer Contract Regulations

Effective 13th June 2014

  • Caroline Malone, Caroline@carolinemalone.co.uk 3 Belvedere Road, Broadstairs, Kent CT10 1PF 07482 721191

  • Spiritualistic provider, complementary therapist, workshop and course tutor

  • Prices vary as shown on the course, reading, workshop or therapies page, in other circumstance they will be discussed and fully provided by email BEFORE any commencement of treatment. 

  • The price shown on the course, workshop or therapy page or advised, will be inclusive of all taxes

  • Customers can pay by PayPal, or Bank credit

  • There will be no costs of delivery, if any work books etc., need to be posted they will be included in the cost of the course, workshop or therapy. 

  • The minimum length of the contract will be the length of the course, workshop or therapy as agreed and date, time made on booking, and confirmed in writing.  Usually one day for workshops, 1-2 hours for therapies, 1 hour for readings, unless 1/2 hour is booked, course as advertised and confirmed in writing to you before commencement.

  • Complaints: In the first instance please contact Caroline Malone directly. caroline@carolinemalone.co.uk 07482  721191 

  • If the complaint is unresolved you may contact the Complementary Therapist Association (CThA) Federation of Holistic Therapists, (FHT), UK Reiki Federation  or The Spiritual Workers Association (SWA ).

  • You may at any time end the contract in writing, by email, or phone, within 14 days of booking. Prior to commencement of the start of the contract of the course, reading, workshop or therapy. Your right to cancel is lost, after the 14 day period of booking or on commencement of any course, workshop, reading or therapy or service agreed. If you are on a course or workshop and you need to stop or cancel at short notice, Caroline Malone will endeavour to rebook you onto one at a later date. Your agreement with Caroline Malone is limited to the time scheduled and provided to you, on any workshop or course to complete the course. Your commitment is to pay and complete any course, workshop that you have contracted and paid to be on. Bookings taken within 14 days of commencement of therapy, reading, workshop, service or course Caroline Malone will obtain express consent from the customer to go ahead with the booking and that they acknowledge they lose the right to cancel. In such circumstances Caroline will confirm the receipt of consent and email the PDF of Terms of Business. 

  • Reasonable costs for using the service provided will be taken. 

  • A standard cancellation form can be found on the website www.carolinemalone.co.uk cancelation 

  • Deposits or full payments will be refunded in full if : Caroline Malone is unable to provide the service booked, if the customer gives the cancellation notice within 14 days of booking. Refunds will be made within 14 days of Caroline Malone receiving any cancellation within the 14 day time period, as above. So this is the 14 days when the booking was made. 

  • Booking fees, full payment must be made 14 days prior to any workshop or course. 

  • Cancellation must be made within 14 days, (unless you are within the 14 day period above). Refunds will be discretionary after this time. If for instance Caroline Malone is able to rebook the space, a refund will be made in full. A charge may be made for loss of profit, this is mainly where a residential course has been booked and paid for.

  • Any course provided and run on Zoom are for use of the customer who has the contract with Caroline Malone and are not to be shared or given to any third party without written consent from Caroline Malone. This applies to any recordings of any therapies, courses, workshops readings, the contract is with Caroline Malone and the person booking. If it is booked for a third party they are the ones with the rights to use any digital material. Any such digital media may be used by the paying client as often as wished. It must not be copied or distributed in any form. There will be no updates to any digital media supplied. The one, if any, provided at the time of the booking is the only one in the contract with the customer. Customers will need to confirm in writing that they lose their 14 days right to cancel before streaming or downloading any material provided. The customer will need to agree to an instant download before they start the download. No refunds will be given in this instance. 

  • There are no additional costs for using phone lines, the phone number provided is a mobile number and the costs are that of your mobile provider. It is a basic rate number.

  • All charges for any service provided are the full and only charges that will be made and agreed by you (the customer) and Caroline Malone. There are no additional charges or add ons for any services.

  • Any services booked by phone or text will be emailed the pdf contract and terms and conditions 

  • Any contract for services booked through the website will be in writing by email. Clearly stating the cost, time, full details of the course or therapy. It will include a copy of these Terms and Conditions

  • Copies of Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 and 2014 are available at www.gov.uk > Consumer protection 

Caroline Malone is a member of and guided by and adheres to codes of conduct from the Complementary Therapists Association, UK Reiki Federation, Federation of Holistic Therapists and Spiritual Workers Association. 


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Broadstairs, Kent, UK

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