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What is Mindfulness.

It is the practice of allowing. The 'Art' of being mindful and bringing it into your every day life. It is normal for us to rush through life not noticing much around us. We are so busy and trying to get everything done that we forget to stop, breathe and allow. We often become exhausted, overwhelmed and burnt out. 

Mindfulness is NOT about emptying your mind, forgetting everything or sitting for hours in meditation. It IS about taking a little time to care for yourself. By becoming mindful, I believe we actually get more done in a less frenetic way. 

So many hours are lost in absence from work, due to anxiety, high stress levels, lower immune systems that by introducing mindfulness into your work place or private life, it will help restore balance and equilibrium. 


Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for carers of dementia. Ref:10.3390/ijerph 19010614

A recent experimental study, that analysed randomised controlled trials to evaluate the efficacy of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT), on family carers of people living with Dementia showed positive results. 'MBCT has been shown to be as effective as antidepressant medication treatment for the prevention of relapse into depression, may be more effective than medication in those with histories of severe childhood abuse (...) and is recurrent depression in clinical practice guidelines both in the UK since 2004 as well as Australia and New Zealand since 2015' (Chacko et al, 2022). Examining the outcome of 219 participants, researchers concluded that MBCT 'has potentially significant implications on easing the public health burden of dementia internationally' (Chacko et al, 2022) and can be done so a low cost in relatively large groups. 

In an 8-week programme study by Elsevier, it was found that mindfulness-based exercises helped relieve the symptoms of chronic pelvic pain, including endometriosis, due to the practice increasing neuronal activity in areas of interoceptive (gut and other internal organs) awareness, allowing for reappraisal of sensory information that can lead to reduction in pain perception.

Taken from Research The Wellness Room spring 2022. 

Some statistics to consider:

3.6 billion lost in absenteeism annually due to stress
60% of adult population affected by stress 
(Royal sun Alliance Research) 

Landmark legal cases taken out against companies for not looking after the health and wellbeing of staff 

J Walker v Northumverland County Council - (175,000.00)
M Black v Birmingham City Council (£275,000.00)
M Tomlinson v Ford Motor Company - £250,000.00) 

We all know the effects of stress and depression but the above are serious figures and amounts. With Mindfulness Now it helps to promote overall general well being. Plus mindfulness increases Emotional Intelligence which then increases productivity, creativity, resilience and happiness.  

I teach mindfulness practice as a 1:1 or group bespoke sessions, or as an 8 week course.

 Please enquire at:  or please call  07482721191

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