Get Ready, Get Set and Off You Go!

Oh wow, what a year we had last year! At present there doesn't seem an end to all the woe's. But rest assured there will be. You don't need to sit at home and worry. Learn something new, join me on one of my zoom meditations. I run them on a Tuesday morning, they are all about mindfulness and releasing the stress, they start at 10 and finish at 10.45.

Or alternatively join me on one of my amazing courses. I am running the Paradigm Healing© course this year. Come along and learn a powerful energy healing modality. I am hoping to start in March with the restrictions out the way. Part fo the course can be run on Zoom. Please email me to find out more.

Soul Essence - Every Spiritual Soul Experiences New Creative Empowerment© . Want to know more about yourself, your soul and what and who you are? What is your purpose, why has life been tough, why have people been in and out of your life? This wonderful opportunity is available on Saturday 13th march 2021 to coincide with the New Moon. This will be the spring season of the soul. This can be paid for monthly and includes a weekend retreat.

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