We all get bad hair days, some days more than others. Let me help you sort some of yours. 

About Caroline Malone

 Welcome,  I am Spiritual, Soul Coach. An Energy, Crystal, Thought Field Therapist.
I teach and practice Usui Holy Fire Reiki & Paradigm Healing© 

Author of Two Yellow Butterflies. 

For the free Mindfulness session on Wednesday 10th March 10.30 please use the contact form. There has be an update to the Terms and Conditions

I offer:

  • A range of complimentary therapies including, Thought Field Therapy, Reiki, Crystal, Colour, Spiritual Healing and Paradigm Healing©

  • Mindfulness & meditation

  • Energy clearance, from people and places

  • Card readings

  • Workshops, courses and retreats. A beautiful Season of the Soul Essence Course©, Paradigm Healing©

Please click on  One 2 One Consultations for more information. Please note, I do not take on line bookings, that is so we can talk to each other to see if we are suited to work together. 

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I can support  1:1, or group energy clinics on line and in person. Available on Zoom, FaceTime, Skype



Professional Bodies

I am committed to delivering to high professional standards, enhancing safety and delivering an exceptional service. As such she is on the Federation of Holistic Therapists register which is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.


I am a UK Reiki Federation Member and am registered with the Complementary Therapists Association (CTHA) 


I contacted Caroline to ask whether she could help a family member without being in the same physical space as them. 


Caroline explained that she can use remote crystal healing to establish energetic links with a recipient. She selects crystals that relate to the areas that need healing and arranges them in a crystal grid. She then checks the grid regularly and makes alterations as necessary.


I can testify to the effectiveness of remote healing as Caroline has been able to identify and address physical, emotional and mental aspects of well being.


Caroline’s remote work has shown me that it is possible to send healing energy that positively affects the recipient. The “evidence” for me is to witness increasing feelings of relaxation, happiness and empowerment.

-HH, Italy-