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Caroline Malone, mindfulness
Paradigm Healing®

Are you feeling stuck in life and looking for guidance to create the life you truly want? Our spiritual and life coaching services can help you discover a better version of yourself and provide healing to overcome any obstacles. Let us help you unlock your full potential and live your best life.

Cacao altar

Email or call me 07482 721191 with any questions regarding my work or to book a session, some are available not on the book now.  By emailing you agree to my t&c's. 

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Fire ceremony
Preparing cacao
Omega crystal skull
Raw cacao


I contacted Caroline to ask whether she could help a family member without being in the same physical space as them. 


Caroline explained that she can use remote crystal healing to establish energetic links with a recipient. She selects crystals that relate to the areas that need healing and arranges them in a crystal grid. She then checks the grid regularly and makes alterations as necessary.


I can testify to the effectiveness of remote healing as Caroline has been able to identify and address physical, emotional and mental aspects of well being.


Caroline’s remote work has shown me that it is possible to send healing energy that positively affects the recipient. The “evidence” for me is to witness increasing feelings of relaxation, happiness and empowerment.

-HH, Italy-

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