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I am excited to introduce my new therapy program, BOD (Brilliance Over Diversity), which offers a unique blend of mentoring and coaching, and a host of my other professional skills. BOD will help individuals or businesses, to overcome challenges and find the right path to business growth, self-growth and self-improvement. Let's work together on this program to help you achieve your goals and unlock your potential. 

Caroline Malone, mindfulness

After receiving training in the UK, from Nana Marina from Guatemala, I am excited to offer cacao ceremonies as one of my services. When you engage with Mother Cacao expect your life to change and evolve. 

I also provide various therapies, psychic and clairvoyant readings that can be scheduled through the consultations page. It's important to note that I am fully insured for all of my practices.

I am a member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists, The Complementary Therapists, UK Reiki Federation, and Mindfulness Now.


Paradigm Healing®
Preparing cacao

You can now contact me at or give me a call 07482 721191 to ask any questions about my work or to book a session. Some sessions are even available outside of the usual booking times! By emailing me, you agree to my t&c's. And guess what? You can book a FREE 15 minute session to discuss how we can work together to move you forward Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Raw cacao
Fire ceremony
Cacao altar
Omega crystal skull


BA Hons Counselling, Coaching Mentoring 

Diploma in Teaching in Lifelong Learning (Cert Ed)

Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher

Teacher of Meditation/Relaxation

Colour Therapy Practitioner Diploma

Diploma in Crystal Therapy

TFT Diagnostic Practitioner

Oford Mindfulness – Teacher Training 2021

Chartered Management Institute - CMI Level 3 Certificate in First Line Management Improving team performance.

Introduction to first line management 

BTEC National Diploma Design (photography) 

plus numerous qualifications in education and Special Education Needs. 


I contacted Caroline to ask whether she could help a family member without being in the same physical space as them. 


Caroline explained that she can use remote crystal healing to establish energetic links with a recipient. She selects crystals that relate to the areas that need healing and arranges them in a crystal grid. She then checks the grid regularly and makes alterations as necessary.


I can testify to the effectiveness of remote healing as Caroline has been able to identify and address physical, emotional and mental aspects of well being.


Caroline’s remote work has shown me that it is possible to send healing energy that positively affects the recipient. The “evidence” for me is to witness increasing feelings of relaxation, happiness and empowerment.

-HH, Italy-

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